(PH) Tipps von Kevin



Kevin und Alvin waren unsere ersten Gastgeber auf den Philippinen. Gleichzeitig waren wir ihre ersten ausländischen Gäste – also eine Premiere auf jeder Seite! Sie haben uns gut auf das eingestimmt, was das Land an Couchsurfern und Gastfreundschaft zu bieten hat.

Übrigens arbeitet Kevin freiberuflich als Online-Englischlehrer. Er freut sich immer über Leute, die mit ihm zusammen lernen wollen. Wenn ihr Interesse habt, euer Englisch aufzupolieren, dann schreibt ihn doch einfach mal an.:


Kevin hat seine Insidertipps mit uns geteilt. Was er Reisenden in die Philippinen besonders empfiehlt, lest ihr hier:

1. Kevin, what is your favourite Filipino Music?

Anak by Freddie Aguilar. I was not born yet when that song was released but I have heard that this song was released in more than 30 countries, I think. I even heard the song while I was watching a Korean movie 2 years ago.
Check it out and sing along, if you like:


2. Which Filipino book impressed you most?

Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo from our national hero, Jose Rizal. They are actually novels about the Spanish regime. It is a bit hard to find the German version of these books. But you can download them here:



For a funny and contemporary book, you can read “Stupid is forever” from our witty and funny senator, Sen. Miriam Defenser Santiago.


Kevin-Stupid is forever

3. Is there any great Filipino movie?

Heroic movies like Jose Rizal,


or Heneral Luna:

For more contemporary and award-winning films there are Magnifico,


or Kinatay,


as well as Norte: Hanganan ng Kasaysayan


and Ma’ Rosa:


4. And what is your favourite Filipino dish?

My favorite is Sinigang but the most popular is Adobo.


5. Okay Kevin, next question.
Is there a funny phrase with which we can surprise locals?

We had 3 German couchsurfers last week and I was surprised when one of them shouted “Charot lang”. It is actually a gay lingo that means “Joke only” or “Just kidding!”.

6. Last but not least, please give us a reason why a young German traveler should visit your country!

I believe travelling is the best way to break one’s misconception about a country or place. The Philippines are known for its friendly, caring and hospitable people. The Philippines also have a little bit of everything from cultural, natural, historical, religious and man-made attractions. We also have urban and nightlife too!

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