(PH) Tipps von Lorenzo

Herrjeh… Das war ein ganz schön Ru(h)mreicher Abend

Wir haben Lorenzo damals beim Couchsurfen in Moalboal getroffen. Er hatte sich so ein wunderschönes Haus gemietet, dass wir eigentlich selber gar nicht wieder weg wollten. Aber an dem einen, letzten Morgen, als wir aufgestanden sind, verkündete er uns, dass er selber weiterreisen werde.

Hier ist unser Blogeintrag zu ihm

Wir sind dann gemeinsam aufgebrochen. Zum Glück gibt es Internet, so dass wir den Kontakt halten konnten.

Hier sind Lorenzos „Tipps“ für die Philippinen


Hello you both!

Nice blog, Isla gigantes! The picture where you are dancing, the beach on the back look great. And nice picture of the sea oursins !

Who knows, maybe we will meet in Germany some day, I am in Dakar now, Senegal, after spending few days in Kuala Lumpur, Paris, madrid and Casablanca…

I am afraid the answers to your questions might not be what you expect



Ok, Lorenzo, which song or which band from the philippeans do you like the most? 

I never heard filipino music.
And I never met people listening to filipino music. They were listening only american music.


What is your favourite book from an author from the philippeans?

I never saw a book in filipinas and i never saw someone reading unless messages on their smartphones


Which movie from the philippeans is your favourite?

I saw 2 or 3 filipino movies, I found them very bloody and full of drama, far to be good. Far to be recomented


What is your favourite dish?

I think it is rum!

Meals not drinks!

Aahhh… It is definately Lechon baboy



Do you have a sentence with which we could surprise the locals?

Surprise or better convince to make it as cheap as possible:

walla cuarta sencillo ra

It means: I have no money, just coins


Why should we travel to the philippeans?

Best place I saw in Phils was El Nido, nice beach, nice blue-green water. I think the philippeans are a good place where to scuba dive and snorkel.

I think you know much better philippines than me now!