(TH) Tipps von Itthi


Hier seht ihr uns mit Itthi (und weißer Puschelkatze) im Haus seiner Tante in Bangkok. Zuvor hatten wir mehrere Nächte bei Itthi im Norden Thailands, in Khon Kaen, verbracht. Itthi ist ein super Gastgeber, also schaut unbedingt bei ihm vorbei, wenn ihr per Couchsurfing in Isan unterwegs seid. Hier geht’s zu seinem Couchsurfing-Profil.
Am Ende hat uns Itthi sogar die sechs Stunden nach Bangkok gefahren. Wir hatten einige spannende Unterhaltungen im Auto und da wollten wir noch mehr von Itthi wissen. Was er uns geantwortet hat, lest ihr hier:

1. Itthi, what is your favourite Thai Music?

When I was young, around 15 years old, I really liked this music „Prom Ri Kit“.

It is a love song, saying that if you just know the name of a person you already know that one is your soulmate. It is about the believe that everything that happens to us is destiny .

This music is dancing music that I really like until now. Here is the Thai version:


And this is the English cover:


2. Okay Itthi, which Thai book impressed you most?

I don’t read books that much and if I read Thai books then only about Buddhism. This is my very favorite one that I read more than 5 times: Gifts he left behind Dhrama 

I can only find English versions of that book. See for example the e-book version: http://www.dhammatalks.org/ebook_index.html

3. Is there any great Thai movie that we should watch?

If asking about history, I would say „The Overture“ was a great history movie that I love.


And I really like the horror movie „Shutter„. It is the best one that I watched. As far as I know, 20th century Fox did a remake in English.


4. And what is your favourite Thai dish?

It is really hard to say what is my favorite dish because I love all Thai food! What I love most are dishes with spicy taste, for example Tom Yum, Slide grilled pork salad or beef, Charcoal-boiled pork neck, spicy meat and potato dip etc.
Komuyang Cover.jpg

Charcoal-boiled pork neck


5. Itthi, please teach us a funny phrase with which we can surprise locals.
Bó bpen yàng  บ่เป็นหยัง  – It means You are welcome.
Zap แซ่บ – It means delicious.
These are Isan local words (from the dialect that is spoken in the North East area of Thailand).


6. Last but not least, please give us a reason why a young German traveler should visit your country!

If you are interested in different cultures, Buddhism, spicy food and people, Thailand would be the place that you need to come to. Most people of Thailand are very kind and like to help foreigners. The 4 parts of Thailand are very different concerning cultures and foods. And also we have local languages in the big 4 parts of Thailand (North, North East, middle and South).

My city is Khon Kaen. It is a very quiet city with few attractions, but we have a lot of food that is very delicious. Khon Kaen is in the middle of the way from Bangkok to Laos and Cambodia. And from here you can travel to all cities in the North East of Thailand as this is the central city in this area.